Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Day in London

Hello! We went to London on Tuesday mainly to go to the U.S. Embassy and get Ava's passport but we also had a little fun as well. How can you go to London and not have a little fun? We went to Epping which is a town about an hour away and we parked there and rode the train into London. In Epping, we went to Gregg's Bakery and got some yummy baked goods for the train ride.

I got Yum Yums which are wonderfully wonderful twisty donuts. They are so twisty. Yum Yums are my favorite and my best.

Gregg got these chocolate eclair thingys and a really yummy caramel donut. It may sound strange but it was amazing.

Basically we love Gregg's bakery (not just for the great name) and we will definitely be making it a must have before every train ride from Epping. I cant imagine sitting on the train without my yum yums. Anyways, moving on...we had a fun day even though most of the day was spent at the Embassy waiting for our appointment. We ate lunch at McDonald's and then we did a little shopping before making our way to the Embassy. Afterwards, we went to the Starbucks at the Bond Street station and then got on the train to go home.

We decided that next time we go to London, we are going to go without a plan. We are going to explore:) What fun!

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