Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots of Paperwork

Hello all:) We are currently trying to get all of Ava's paperwork sorted out. We are needing to come home in a couple of months for Daniel and Corbin's wedding but we have several things we need to do before we can buy tickets and come home. We made an appointment on base to get her passport but they cannot fit us in until the end of March. That obviously won't do. I found out we can get her passport through the U.S. Embassy in London. I called and made an appointment so we go next tuesday. It will be fun though because we are just going to go early and make a day of it. There is no sense in going to London and not doing a little shopping and enjoying yourself. We do not know where the U.S. Embassy is but we will figure it out eventually (hey dad, is the Embassy one of the buildings we walked by on the road to the Hard Rock Cafe?) Anyways, I dont want to buy tickets until I know for sure we are going to have everything we need for travel. My parents have said that we dont need to worry about getting her visa before we come because they can just keep her there with them when we come home. I think we want her to come with us though so we better make sure we have all her documents. Sorting out paperwork is what we have been doing lately. Gregg has gone back to work so Ava and I are getting into our own routine. Its kinda tricky right now but I am sure I will get better at this routine thing:) Well I am going to go is here! I will keep you all posted and updated with pictures and any new news:) Bye!

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