Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ava Update

Hello all! Today we didn't do a whole lot but we did do something kinda cool. We went today to Bury St. Edmunds to get Ava's British birth certificate. Since she was born in this country, she has to have a British and an American birth certificate.

They also told us that when she is 18 years old she can apply for duel citizenship and she will receive it since she was born here. This way she can go in and out of both countries and would even have the choice of living at any point and working in either country. I thought this was neat. Anyways, these are some pictures taken today. Isn't she funny?! I laid her down to change her and this is how she laid. Funny girl:)


  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Keep the news and pictures coming. Love you all. - Dad

    p.s. did you notice I fixed the photo - brightened and cropped - and fixed the size?

  2. Oh yeah! I couldnt put my finger on what the difference was but I knew something was different. Thanks!