Friday, October 16, 2009


OKay so even though I am normally a dramatic person, I assure you I am not being dramatic when I say that it felt like I pulled a muscle this morning when I tried to put my shoes on. There is something in the way, hindering me from doing something I normally quite enjoy. Okay so I am getting bigger and rounder these days and I know it. I presume its normal. Anyways, as a pregnant woman I am starting to understand something that I never understood fully before. You know when people talk about how annoying it is for strangers to come up and touch their belly etc? Well, I have something else that is quite annoying that people I know do. Okay so every day when I walk into work, I am told by at least three people at the front desk that I am getting bigger. At first it was cute and I would get excited and say, "I know"! It only becomes annoying when its the only thing anyone can think to talk to you about. I am not joking even a little bit when I say that EVERY time I see ANYONE at work, they feel the need to tell me how big I am getting. It doesnt matter if I am wearing a cute outfit or if my hair is done cute...all they care about is how big I am getting. I cant wait to be like literally about to pop and hear the things they say when they see me then. My mom said they will say things like, "Are you still carrying that thing"? OR "You look like you are about to pop. When is that thing coming out"? I have decided that I will just start saying thank you when people tell me how huge I am. The other day I was having a day where I felt particularly huge and so this conversation with a fellow coworker didnt make things any better. The conversation went like this:
Coworker: Wow you look a lot bigger.
Me: Yeah I really started to show around 6 months. It seems like it just popped all of the sudden.
Coworker: NO, I mean since yesterday!
Me: Oh. Well I assure you I have not gotten larger since yesterday...but THANKS:)
When I feel huge, cant fit into my clothes anymore and cant even tie my shoes I just think about the reason I am doing this. I feel her kick sometimes when I am frustrated and I remember that this too will pass and I will have a wonderful baby girl to show for it. Pretty soon, not only will I not be able to put my shoes on, but I wont be able to see them anymore either. I have accepted this fact but I will not stop wearing cute shoes. I will just have Gregg put them on for me and they will be cute for everyone else to see. Anways, I just thought I would share the first of my pregnancy woes with you. Tomorrow we are going to a pumpkin patch and then we are going shopping and on a date to Bury. I will have to blog and show you pictures of our adventures! Bye!


  1. That's weird that you say it, because I was thinking you look smaller. :)

  2. Aww thanks dad! Now I want you to say the same thing when I am 9 months pregnant. Lol.