Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello:) I am a little stuck and I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions. I am pregnant as you all probably know by now and I am pretty sure I am having a girl. I have not had that confirmed yet but I am already planning a nursery for a girl because I have a gut feeling. Anyways...I cannot think of any themes for a girl room that really stand out to me. I looked online at fabrics from and I have looked at Cath Kidston fabrics as well. I see a lot of cute fabrics but nothing stands out to me. I have not found anything that I just love. I know that for a boy I am thinking I will do an airplane theme since my husband is in the airforce so thats easy but I am stuck on the girl theme. I think I am flustered because I see so many cute things and I have no idea what to do. Help!


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  2. After 3 girls I've never actually did a theme in their baby room. Sad I know. But Now that they are older My two oldest girls is the disney princess theme 'cause that's what they love right now. My 2yr old has a baby blue and white room with the baby blue flowers (I did colors for my kids. Oldest is pink, middle is purple, and youngest is baby blue now that I have a boy he's gonna be green).

    There are a lot of cute things out there and I am definitely not the best decorator but don't get stressed out about it. Do a coin toss if you have to over a couple of them. It's gonna be cute no matter what. =)

  3. whatever you do, i'm sure that pink will be involved. :) you should ask your brilliantly crafty sister. if i were you, i'd browse around on because they have so many cute things and that could give you some ideas. (this is elizabeth of course, not zack.)

  4. Well I think for a girl that hot pink with either leopard print or zebra print is so bold and girly and dramatic. Here is a cute set:
    There are lots of things out there like this but its just an idea:)
    If we have a girl I already have the bedding in my attic. Unfortunately my "gut feeling" about Cashe was very very wrong...
    So just a tip, don't buy anything till you know for sure, haha:)

  5. Well, for my daughter we did brown & pink. I think it's definitely easier to do a color or color combo for a theme so that you don't have to worry about gifts not 'matching' the theme. Also, doing a color (combo) will grow with them better too. We did Pooh for my oldest and by the time he was 2 he had outgrown it. Now that he is almost 8 and his brother (who shares his room) is 5, we did sports. But for my daughter , who is two, we still have the same bedding and everything that we bought when I was pregnant, and it's not babyish or too old for her either.

    Also, I wanted to let you know a tip I learned while I was pregnant in England...make sure that if you buy a crib on the economy there (like Ikea or a British store), buy baby bedding off base as well. British/European cribs are different dimensions than American cribs, so bedding from say Babies R Us won't fit on a crib bought off base in England. And bedding bought off base won't fit on an American crib. When we lived in England, RAF Feltwell had a furniture store and they sold cribs that you'd find at Target or Walmart back here in the states. And you can also order one from the BX catalog, too. That's probably your best bet so that you don't pay and arm & a leg in shipping.

    Ok that was a novel...sorry!

  6. All seriousness aside, I think Bacon would make a good theme. You could have a Bacon valance on the windows and bed skirts. Bacon scented candles would help baby sleep. If there aren't Bacon print fabrics, there should be. Love you. Dad