Saturday, May 2, 2009

Preparing to Move

My husband and I are leaving for England the 20th of May. We are visiting family before we leave and are relaxing a bit from all the craziness of the past month. There is a lot of work that goes into moving to a different country! We had all of our things moved out a few weeks ago and I saw all of my things packed up and shipped away, only being given a tentative date of when I will see my belongings again. We have no place set up to live yet and when we get there my car will not be over there yet. We went to Dallas the other day and shipped it. It wont be there until mid June...which means we will be doing a lot of walking and using the public transportation. Once there, I will bring my camera with me wherever I go so I will have plenty to blog and tell ya'll about! I cant wait to start experiencing my new life in England. Watch for new posts:)


  1. YAY! I love it! Who designed the blog for you? I can't wait to read of your adventures!

  2. Hey! YAY I HAVE A COMMENT!!!! Thanks for being my first commenter:) Autumn told me about the cutest blog on the block website where i could get the background. Dad helped with html and formatting. Daniel came up with the name and Autumn designed the heading. So its a team project. I will probably ask for your help in the future when I dont have anyone helping me. I will start writing once we are there so look for me and also will you advertise me on your blog? Dont do it yet though because I want to have something on here first. You will be hearing from me soon!