Thursday, July 16, 2009

The great thing about working with children

One of the greatest joys of working with children is all the fun germs you pick up working with them. They seem to pick up every disease known to man. It may be because they are constantly licking things that they should not even be touching! Well yesterday I found out that a little munchkin in my room has six brothers and sisters who have all been diagnosed with having the swine flu. Since I am pregnant this information scared me even more than it normally would. Apparently the little boy doesn't have it yet so he is still allowed to come to the Child Development Center. Fun. Also, it was wonderful that the day I found out about him, I was already not feeling well. I have a couple of the symptoms so last night I decided to call the nurse advice line. This is a phone number you can call and talk to a registered nurse who will talk your symptoms over with you and give you advice on what you should do. I have called before and they just told me to get some rest so I figured they would tell me the same thing but I decided to call anyway. Once she found out I was pregnant she told me to go to the emergency room and get tested right away. It was like 11:00 P.M. last night and we were headed to the emergency room. When we got there, we walked up to the counter and they asked for all of our information and then asked what we were coming in for. I think I got out the word SWINE and they all had masks on their faces. Before I knew it, they had practically thrown a mask at Gregg and I. I understand the scare with the swine flu right now so it seems logical they would act in this way but it was what happened next that surprised me. We were told that the swine flu is really no big deal and its just like the normal flu but they were all scared to death of Gregg and I. What they were saying and the way they were acting did not match up. I asked them why they were so scared if it was NO BIG DEAL and they said its just a precaution. Lol. After this, they sent us to our own waiting room far from the one we walked into. They told us to wait there and they would check us over in the waiting room. We waited down there a while and then were escorted into a room and told to wait there for the doctor. It took a long time for the doctor to come and my mask was really starting to bother me so I took it off for a minute to breathe. I think I contaminated the room. Anyways, they told me since I didn't have a fever yet I most likely don't have it but that I cant go to work until the tests get back. I asked them if I would die before the tests got back and they assured me I would not (At least I think that's what they said, considering they were standing 50 feet away and I could barely hear them). So I have had an interesting last couple of days. I love working with children but I wish they were more sanitary. I have been busy working the last few weeks and haven't written much but I will be sure and write again soon. Cheers!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our trip to Newmarket

Hello! I haven't posted lately but I thought I would tell of my latest adventure. Friday we went to Newmarket which is only about 15 minutes away. I had no idea how close it was! It was like a hidden treasure. Its mostly known for its horse racing and during horse racing season I wouldn't want to be driving through there because apparently there are horses everywhere on the road and if you accidentally hit one its a big fine. So they are big into horse racing but they also have tons and tons of cute little shops. We went to a mall there and did some shopping at Argos. It reminds me a little of IKEA. We bought some bedroom furniture and then went looking for curtains. We had no idea where to look for curtains so I stopped someone and asked them. They told me of a place within walking distance and we headed that way. They had lots of cute shops on the way and we stopped in several of them. THEN I SAW IT. I started to head towards the busy street to cross it without even thinking and Gregg pulled me back and told me we have to wait until the crosswalk says to walk. Right across the street in front of my very eyes was TKMAXX. That's right TKMAXX. Apparently its the same as TJMAXX but its got a K because its in England. I didn't ask too many questions. I was just in a daze. I walked in and it was exactly like in the states. I didn't know how to process this new information. At first I thought I was all alone over here with no friends but it turns out I was wrong all along! So needless to say, I love Newmarket and since its so close, I will be making daily trips. We also stopped and got something from Costa coffee. Its a big coffee shop over here and we wanted to see if its any good. It was okay but it was not as good as Starbucks. The deserts looked great though. They don't have any problem in that area. We also celebrated the 4th of July over here. Its funny because at the fair we went to there were tons of British people celebrating as well. It was fun and we got to see fire works. When the fire works were done we got out of there really fast because we didn't want to get stuck in the parking lot when everyone was trying to get out. Our plan didn't exactly work. We ended up being in a line of cars that stood completely still for 1 1/2 hours. I am not joking. I ended up shutting my car off and starting it up when we moved. It was horrible. Also, my blinkers started acting up when we were driving home and they were clicking really fast. I thought the light was just going out or something and then this morning the left blinker started to do the same thing. I thought that was weird and then after church I had Gregg check if they were even working and he said they weren't. Apparently the people who did my light conversion messed it up. When you come over here with an American spec car you have to get the lights converted and some weird fog lights installed. It was pretty expensive and they had told me ahead of time my car would be tricky because a computer in my car sends the signals...or something like that. Anyways, I heard it was tricky to switch my car over and so I was a little worried. Then it was fine for about a week and now its acting up. I called them and they assured me they would fix it. I dropped it off and they should be working on it first thing tomorrow. I have pretty much completely told you about everything that has happened in the last couple of days. I will keep you posted on any new adventures I embark on! Cheers!